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What dark thoughts does the word ‘shadow’ bring to mind? Does ‘chaos’ send you into a spin? What about ‘shift’, or ‘journey’ – do these words suggest change? And does ‘bounce’ bring a smile to your face? These are just a few of the words that have inspired the contents of this anthology.

Each month, members of ‘Talkback’, the online forum of Writing Magazine, produce a poem and/or a short story as a result of a one-word prompt. This anthology represents a selection of their work to date.

We hope that you will find some of the writing in the One Word Anthology funny, scary or even shocking – but, above all, entertaining.

The Authors are: Helen Baggott, Gina Bailey, Lol Barnes, Carol Bevitt, Liz Brownlee, Col Bury, John Byatt, Marion Clarke, Anthony Cowin, Cat Dalling, Susan Eames, Shirley Ann Cook, Jenny Francis, Alan Garth, Brenda Gunning, Bill Haddow Allen, Anna Harris, A J Humpage, Rosemary J Kind, Amy Kinmond, Serena Lake, Helen Laycock, Jay Mandal, K Patrick Moody, Samantha Newbury, Moira Quinn, Fiona Faith Ross, Lorraine Swoboda, Richard Travers, Debbie Willox and Joe Young.

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