A piece of pink ribbon2250 words Romance

Elle Meadows was used to the needs of the farm coming before anything she might want for herself so didn't get her hopes up when a florist's van pulled into their driveway. Lack of flowers she could cope with, but did the driver really need to call her 'mate'?

This story is included in the collection Up The Garden Path

Elle Meadows limped back towards the warmth of the farmhouse, clutching the piece of pink ribbon and trying not to cry. Was she being unreasonably selfish to hope for one small touch of luxury or comfort in her life? Normally she didn't mind the hard work, the dirt or the early mornings; she liked working on the farm. The sight of their cows grazing happily, a new litter of piglets being brought into the world or the hens roosting safely for the night always made her smile. She loved the scent of freshly made hay, fresh warm milk and the wood smoke from the range in the kitchen. Today though she felt that if she were to see one more muddy animal or smell the sweaty aroma from its damp back then she'd be ready to head for the city and apply for an office job.

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