1500 words Humour

Four elderly women are on a cruise. Harriet, who tells the story, is struggling to finish a crossword, the clue is ‘one of the deadly sins’. As the story plays out, each sin makes an appearance until she solves the puzzle.

“Where’s Lily got to?” “Don’t get so agitated, Muriel. Remember your blood pressure.” “Oh do be quiet, Edna. I don’t know why I came on this cruise.” I put down my pen. “Will you two stop bickering? I’m trying to finish the crossword.” I know I sound short, but they’re getting on my nerves. It’s like being on holiday with a gang of five year olds. I used to be able to do the Sunday crossword, start to finish in less than forty minutes, with a bit of help from Ted that is. It’s not as much fun now he’s gone.

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