2600 words Crime

After Valerie's mother dies, her father remarries. It isn't long before he admits he's made a big mistake. Shortly afterwards, his new wife tells Valerie that he's gone away and doesn't know where. Valerie suspects foul play, but is she right, and if she is, will she be able to prove anything?

“Is everything OK, Dad?” Valerie asked,” Only you don’t seem your usual self.” She stopped the car at the end of the road and reached over to put her hand on his arm. His laugh was thin and hollow like his cheeks. “I’ve been a sad silly old fool, Valerie. You were right. Angela only married me for my house and my savings.” As he turned to look at her, Valerie saw tears in his eyes. “I’m 73 and she’s 42. I was daft to think she really loved me.”

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