In the Blood – Jill Bennett

2200 words Fantasy

Mermaid and human blood runs in the veins of two sisters. When the secret of their heritage is discovered, each has to make a choice.  Do they stay in the world of their father and risk exploitation or do they take to the sea where their mother waits.

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I stand at the window and look out towards the harbour. Eric, carrying Bryony, is standing where the May Princess is berthed, the boat that takes the tourists out to the May Isle. He’s talking to someone, probably a local, but it’s too far for me to make out who it is. He moves on, coming towards me, doing another circuit of the harbour. “Don’t go too near the wall,” I murmur, as the waves break over it. It’s a strange child we have, Eric and I. She loves the sea and every evening, no matter the weather, Eric has to put her in a sling on his front and walk round the harbour. There, she will dance her chubby legs against his body and gurgle her delight. It’s a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep.

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