2000 words Romance

When Kathy's husband suggests a holiday in Austria to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Kathy hopes it will save their marriage, but will memories from the past intervene?

This story is included in the collection By My Side

Kathy stood in the small courtyard in Kufstein and gazed up at the fortress towering starkly white above her. Her heart contracted as she heard the sigh of wind bellowing through the thousands of organ pipes on the Heroes Organ in the massive round tower; the music filtering gently through the eaves and wafting softly to the waiting crowd below. Gradually the noise eased to a crescendo, swooping triumphantly through the narrow streets and soaring to the snow clad mountains. “A prayer for peace,” Kathy whispered to herself and her eyes filled with tears as she thought of the first time that prayer had been played at the end of the war, and was now played daily in remembrance.

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