1200 words Feel Good story

New mum Jane's hopes of relaxation on a spa day are dashed by her career-driven friend, Martha, embarrassing encounters with strangers' laps, and a swimsuit that doesn't quite fit. But Martha is not quite all she seems and Jane realises that friendships are not made in a steam room.

“Isn’t this fab?” purred Martha, taking a sip of her iced water. “Just the two of us, chilling together?” Jane nodded silently. A bead of sweat trickled down her forehead. ‘Chill’ was not quite the word she would use to describe it. She gave the legs of her black swimming costume a firm tug downwards. Then she noticed with alarm that her cleavage was threatening to erupt from the top and yanked it back up. She had spent the previous weekend trying to find swimwear that concealed and flattened as much flesh as possible.

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