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Embers of the Day - Rosemary J. Kind

From the movingly beautiful, to the laugh-out-loud funny. This collection of short stories covers the breadth of Rosemary J. Kind’s fiction writing in her usual accessible style.

Saving Sam and Other Dog Tales - Linda Lewis

A must for anyone who has ever rescued, owned, or loved, a dog. (Linda Lewis)

Fashion Circles - Linda Daunter

Love it? Hate it? Bewildered by it? - stories on the theme of fashion (Linda Daunter)

Sweet Talk - Samantha Tonge

20 stories to make you feel good (Samantha Tonge)

Came as Me, Left as We - Various Authors

Relax with the best holiday reads (Patsy Collins, Susan Wright, Gill McKinlay, Rosemary J Kind, Patricia Fawcett, Caroline Scott Collins, Tina K Burton, Susan Jones, Chris Cooke, Derek Haycock, Lilliana Rose, Alice Parrant, Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights, Tricia Maw, Kate Blackadder, Annette Siketa, Maggie Jones, Jeff Williams, Judith Bruton, Jan, Baynham, Angela K Blackburn)

A Christmas Wish - Various Authors

20 stories for the festive season (Maggie Jones, Jeanne E. Tepper, Margaret Pearce, Pauline Wiles, Georgie Foord, Susan Howe, Alan Jankowski, Pauline Lachman, Gill McKinlay, Sarah England, Camilla Kelly, Sandra Woolfenden, Linda Lewis, Peter Lingard, Tricia Maw, Patsy Collins, Linda Louisa Dell, Kate Blackadder, Dorothy Davies, Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt)

By My Side - Various Authors

20 of the best romantic stories (Angela K Blackburn, Patsy Collins, Karenne Griffin, Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights, Rebecca Holmes, Bernadette James, Lydia Jones, Svetlana Kortchik, Linda Lewis, Peter Lingard, Michelle Martin Dobbins, Perry McDaid, Roger Noons, Lilliana Rose, Ginny Swart, Samantha Tonge, Theresa van Meter, Fay Wentworth, Alan C. Williams, Peter Youell)

This Land is My Land - Various Authors

Short adventure stories (G. Lloyd Helm, Dr. Robert Clifford, Roger Woodcock, Gerard Taylor Wallace, Martin Gosling, Chris Cooke, Michael Barry, Terence Brand, Tom Rhoyd, Ian D. Smith, Paul Peppers, Peter Lingard, Stephen Rowson, John Malone, Michael Mohr, Henry Mitchell)

Stomping Good Stories for Children - LiterEight

Stomping Good Stories for Children (Fiona Aitchison, Maggie Bolton, Janice Johnston, Catherine Lang, Pam Ramage, Helena Sheridan, Greta Yorke)

Read It Again - Various Authors

20 stories for children of all ages (A H Benjamin, Pat Boulton, Ann Burnett, Valerie Dawson-Miles, Christine Findlay, Tracey Glasspool, Teresa Howard, Ann Ingalls, Duncan Jones, Maggie Jones, Annabel Mackenzie, Mary Raebel, Pam Ramage, Pat St Pierre, Holly Stevens, Gerard Taylor Wallace, Rosalind Winter, Iris Woodbury, Greta Yorke, Joan Zambelli)

The Summer Boy - Henry Mitchell

Drum runs away, farther than he ever intended, closer home than he ever imagined (Henry Mitchell)

Between Times - Henry Mitchell

Benjamin Drum continues his journey through time and place (Henry Mitchell)

Laurel Falls - Henry Mitchell

Benjamin Drum finally resolves his journey (Henry Mitchell)

Dark on the Mountain - Henry Mitchell

Stories bringing to life the mysteries of the Appalachian Mountains (Henry Mitchell)

The Road at my Door - Lori Windsor Mohr

A secret has the power to kill. Reese Cavanaugh is about to find that out the hard way. (Lori Windsor Mohr)

From Story Idea to Reader - Patsy Collins and Rosemary J. Kind

An accessible guide to writing fiction (Patsy Collins and Rosemary J. Kind)

Not a Drop to Drink - Patsy Collins

A free collection of short stories from Patsy Collins

Up the Garden Path - Patsy Collins

24 short stories from Patsy Collins

The Appearance of Truth - Rosemary J. Kind

Her birth certificate belonged to a baby who died, so who is Lisa Forster? (Rosemary J. Kind)

New York Orphan - Rosemary J. Kind

How strong are bonds of friendship when everything's at stake? (Rosemary J. Kind)

The Lifetracer - Rosemary J. Kind

Connor is out of time to stop the murders. Now his young son’s life is in danger – Who is The Lifetracer? (Rosemary J. Kind)

Alfie's Woods - Rosemary J. Kind

The power of friendship and the difference it can make to us all (Rosemary J. Kind)

The Complete Entlebucher Mountain Dog Book - Rosemary J. Kind

A complete insight into the Entlebucher Mountain Dog breed (Rosemary J. Kind)

Lovers Take Up Less Space - Rosemary J. Kind

A humorous review of the addictive misery of commuting on London Underground (Rosemary J. Kind)

Pet Dogs Democratic Party Manifesto - Rosemary J. Kind

PDDP manifesto is a humorous look at key political issues from a dog’s point of view (Rosemary J. Kind)

Alfie's Diary - Rosemary J. Kind

An entertaining and thought provoking dog’s eye view of the world (Rosemary J. Kind)

One Word Anthology - Talkback Writers

A collection of short fiction from Talkback Writers

The Alpha Decade Book - Alpha Writers Group

A collection of short fiction from Alpha Writers Group

A Flower for Skalla by Alpha Writers Group

A collaborative science fiction novella from Alpha Writers Group

Birth Music Sonnets by Alpha Writers Group

A collection of short fiction and poetry from Alpha Writers Group

Say n'more by Alpha Writers Group

A collaborative crime novella from Alpha Writers Group