We are currently closed to submissions

Stories may be submitted in a .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt file or in the body of the email. They will be formatted into the Company’s standard format prior to inclusion on the site. Please do not submit stories in non-editable formats such as pdf or with editing protection set up. We do not accept stories in paper form. Submissions should be emailed to Editorial Assistant editorial@alfiedog.com

We are prepared to work on a non-exclusive licence basis, however authors submitting their work must ensure that they have adequate rights to do so. A story will not be excluded because it has previously been published elsewhere, however it is the sole responsibility of the author to ensure that they have the rights to submit the story and they will be asked in their submission agreement to confirm that they will reimburse the Company for any loss arising out of The Author’s failure to ensure the proper rights are in place. We do not have the time to consider simultaneous submissions. If your story is currently under consideration elsewhere, then unless they accept simultaneous publication, please wait until you receive an answer before sending it to us.

An author should not submit more than 4 stories for consideration at any one time. Once a response to these has been received then they may submit further stories in batches of up to 4 at a time. We will endeavour to reply within three weeks, but it can be longer at busy times. Please note: Collections will be made up from previously accepted stories by reference to the author. Do not submit whole collections for consideration as an entity. Stories will all be considered and accepted on an individual basis. Please do not submit books for possible publication. Books will only be considered for those authors for whom short stories have been previously accepted. There are no exceptions to this. Sadly, we are not in a position to publish children’s picture books at any time.

The author may request the removal of a story from the site at any time and should ensure that they receive an email acknowledgement that this has taken place.

We will consider stories from 1,000 words to 10,000 words for adult stories and 500 words to 10,000 words for children’s stories. The minimum word count is not flexible and does not include the story title. We consider a wide range of genres, including children’s, but not including stories which are graphically violent or pornographic in nature or erotica. Please don’t be put off if your story does not fit a classic genre, but give the best description you can of where you see it sitting. We want to offer our readers variety and enable them to choose stories to fit their mood.

Please include a cover sheet or email note, containing: the genre, age range (for children’s stories only), word count, name under which you publish and a paragraph outlining your writing / publishing history. Please also advise if this story has been previously published elsewhere, when and where. Please also include the senders contact details, a ‘blurb’ for the story in not more than 50 words.

The Company reserves the right not to carry all stories submitted, but will select stories on the basis of quality and our readers’ preferences. We want to carry quality work. That doesn’t mean it has to be literary, far from it, but it does have to be well written and properly edited. We will have to reject stories that require proof reading and significant editing. Where possible we will provide feedback to allow changes and resubmission if appropriate.

The copyright of the story will remain with the author and the author’s name as copyright holder will be included in the download.

Alfie Dog Limited is happy to publish stories that have been previously published as long as the author has retained the copyright to enable electronic publication.

For details of royalties please follow the link.

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