Dahlias – Willie Glenn

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When I first saw the Dahlia in full bloom, I had to have it. Desire was overpowering. It started at my toenails and worked its way up to my scalp. I’ve always been a sucker for high-maintenance, but this time, I was older, more experienced.

I was ready!

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My original plan for the back patio was easy maintenance, some Butterfly plants, yellow and red Verbena, red dwarf Cannas and lots and lots of the old standby, Zinnia. Common as they were, I loved Zinnias. They came in a dazzling array of colors from red, yellow, and gold to pink and orange with white stripes. I would invite neighbors I barely knew over to admire my Zinnias even before they came into full bloom. I watered and fertilized a bit but, all in all, I had the satisfaction of a great low maintenance relationship.

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