Marcelle and the Kitchen Monster – Walter Morales

1000 words Children 6 – 9 years

Marcelle’s mother is not home, the nanny is sleeping, and a terrible monster is protecting the food in the kitchen. In order to get food, Marcelle will go through an adventure where she will learn to be brave. Fortunately, she is not alone.

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This is what happened the night when Marcelle conquered her fear. I was there and this is the story. I noticed that Marcelle wasn’t sleeping yet. “Having sleep problems, Little Marcelle?” I asked. “I’m mad!” she said. “And why is that?” “Because I’m hungry, I don’t want to sleep yet and I’m bored!” “Ok, let’s go get something to eat,” I said, like if it were a simple matter and before her answer I noticed a couple of tiny little tears on her tiny little cheeks.

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