1700 words Women's Fiction

Independence Reclaimed: the Granny Strikes Out.

This won't be much fun, thought Jessica as she opened the door of the fridge, cautiously. A mangled bar of chocolate dropped out in a rustle of gold foil. A pre-mixed salad was turning to mush, the gasses inflating the unopened bag. Jessica winced at the sight of the rest of the fridge. Cooking at her daughter’s house was invariably painful. “The kids are doing their summer school projects, they won’t bother you at all,” Rosemary had said earlier as she checked herself in the mirror. “Oh, and could you cook them some dinner? The fridge is just stuffed, I’m sure you’ll find something. Goodness, is that the time? Bye sweeties!” she yelled this last out to empty air, and was gone.

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