Coming Home – Vanessa Horn

Runner Up in the Alfie Dog Fiction Short Story Competition

1800 words General Fiction

‘Coming Home’ explores the relationship between two siblings who are living an ordinary childhood until a catastrophic event separates them for ever. The story follows the sister’s reactions and feelings both as a small girl and later as a woman, as she tries to come to terms with the situation which has altered her life.

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Monday 31st October 1966 It was raining then; it’s raining now. I stop walking and peer downhill. To where it used to be. To what it used to be. School. The only bit I recognise is the roof; but now it’s on the ground with mud and rubble and stuff all around. Waste. Strange word, that. I heard the grown-ups talking about wasted lives. But it’s waste that fell from the mountains. Muddy, mucky, sludgy waste. Slipped down the hills and covered our school. I frown – I still don’t really understand how this happened. Or why. No-one has talked to me about it, explained it. Not yet, anyway.

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Eclectic Moments – Vanessa J. Horn

Eclectic Moments

3 5* reviews on Amazon

This collection was included in the 2016 Long List of the prestigious Edge Hill Prize for the Short Story.

Eclectic Moments, a collection of twenty-two stories, investigates how ordinary individuals handle the often extraordinary dilemmas at pivotal points in their lives.

A teacher is stunned when a massive slurry of waste begins to infiltrate his classroom, threatening to engulf his class of pupils…

During a mysterious eruption, an Italian baker faces the decision of whether to stay or flee…

A woman has to decide how best to dispose of her husband’s body…

Thanks to a dyslexic angel, a man is escorted to the golden gates of Heaven twenty years too soon…

A dedicated music student becomes so obsessed with winning a major prize that he loses touch with reality…

A little boy begins a frantic search for a butterfly, in the hope that it will help bring his family back together…

Many of these stories are fictionalised versions of real life events.  As you read, ask yourself the question: How would you react?

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Stories included: What’s in a Name?, Committed, The Butterfly, Ruth, The Grave Whisperer, Identity, Outburst of the Soul, Absorption, The Best Kind of Voyeurism, A Woman Scorned, Perforations, A Perfect Day, Destination Delayed, Coming Home, After the Event, Bingo, Surge, Chicken Run, The Beach Hut, Chrysalis, Shutdown. Red Telephone Box

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