A Spoonful of Happiness and Ashes – Travis Michael Chapman

13400 words Teen / General Fiction

After the death of his mother, Curtis’ abusive father takes him aboard his fishing vessel where they live in discordance. Armed only with a mysterious diary page written by his mother, Curtis accosts love and disaster and is forced to confront loss, search for happiness, and ponder the meaning of coincidence.

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Whatever piece of furniture father heaved into the hall assured me there would be no sleeping tonight. I lay under my blanket holding my breath as my father’s drunken rampage echoed down the hall. The clamor of wood, plates and profanities filled my room like thunder. The upheaval comforted me because it was familiar. It had reminded me countless times that my nightmares were fantasy, but it never protected me from father’s drunken wrath. The cacophony ceased. I held my breath in fear. Moments ticked past, and I refused to blink knowing he’d hear it. What was he doing? Why did he stop? A rustle. A footstep. A cough. Nothing. Only the pounding of my heart against my rigid lungs. Download to read more

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