Bananas and Chocolates – Teffy Wrightson

1300 words Women’s Fiction

An unexpected meeting in a nursing home with someone from her past causes Janet to relive an unhappy date when she was fifteen. The events that evening had affected her self confidence all her life. Is it time to forgive and forget?

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Auntie Enid took the offered banana and smiled sweetly. “She doesn’t really know me now, she just thinks I’m a nice lady who comes with bananas and chocolate,” Janet said to Mary, who always sat next to her Auntie in the nursing home lounge. “She’s been a bit quiet today”, said Mary, “but she ate her lunch all right.” Janet reflected how sad and cruel it was that so many clever and useful people should end their lives here in such a confused state. Mary had lost none of her faculties but heart and breathing problems meant she needed constant professional nursing. She was good fun to talk to and Janet enjoyed visiting with her.

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