Human Scooping Morning – Talia Haven

3200 words Fantasy / Teen Fiction

When Ama’s cousin Kerr invites her on a hunting trip she gets to capture something she as only seen alive at a zoo.

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Kerr heard it first. The distant sound of a blacksmith’s hammer as it beat out a steady rhythm of metal on metal CLING, cling…CLING cling. My ponytail was already pulled through the half-moon closure of my cap. I was more concerned with tucking stray stands of brown hair up under the rim than with being quiet as I lagged behind. Annoyed by the snaps and crunches that came from every stick and dried leaf I stepped on, my cousin Kerr motioned for me to be still. “You need to be quieter.” He hissed. He knelt down beside me, adjusted his empty game pouch across his shoulders. Its camouflage bottom almost touched the ground.

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