The Mentor – S. A. Smith

1300 words Thriller


Jayden is a problem child. He exists in a world where every child doesn’t matter. He acts how he pleases because he feels uncared for. Until he meets his new mentor…

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Jayden tested the seat of the chair with the weight of his hand before sitting down. Couldn’t be sure of any of the chairs in this school. Or tables, for that matter. He sat and waited, silence surrounding him, staring at the yellowing walls at either side. A display piece caught his eye; the A4 paper was supposed to be a newspaper front page announcing the death of someone called Macbeth. The corners of the paper were curled and a rip ran through the bottom third of the dull white paper and faded ink. He caught sight of the bottom left corner, which had a name and date: Daniel Daley, 19th November 2012. 2012?

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