2100 word Fairytale

Rapunzel finds life at the top of a tower amazingly boring. She can't wait for Prince Charming to rescue her. But princes are rare and not always charming, or even competent, and witches aren't always what they seem either. What's a princess to do?

It was pretty scary watching the witch sing "Happy Birthday". Instead of being pursed in disapproval as usual, her mouth stretched into a smile so wide that it made me think of strychnine. Meanwhile her eyes stayed as cold and unblinking as a hawk, with a nose to match. She wore the inevitable silky blouse, twenty years out of date and buttoned right up to her wrinkled neck, but today it was little-girl pink. Even her trousers were pink. The outfit clashed hideously with her strident plum hair, and I couldn't help thinking they were going to get stained when she shinnied down the tower. "Here's your present, Darling."

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