The Storm – Rhema Sayers

1900 words General Fiction / Animal Story

“Storm” is the story of a dog, lost in a blizzard, near death, and the woman doctor who finds him and loves him. Together they make house calls and care for patients. And the doctor learns that she has acquired a lot  more than a pet. She has found a partner who helps her to heal her patients.

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It was cold. So cold. There was light and warmth inside the house, but he couldn’t reach it. He could smell it, but it was as far beyond him as the sun or the moon. He lay under a blanket of snow, feet tucked under him, nose buried in his tail. The shivering had stopped a while ago. Now he was sleeping, although not so far down that he’d never come back. But he would reach those depths soon enough. The wind howled like his wolf ancestors, screaming around the corner of the house, and he knew the snow was still coming down heavily, although he couldn’t see. His eyelids were stuck together with ice crystals. Everything was dark anyway.

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