A Wish for Christmas – 20 Stories for the Holiday Season

Women’s Fiction

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Enjoy the festive season with a little cheer from Alfie Dog Fiction. Put your feet up and revel in all that is best of Christmas and New Year with 20 stories from authors across the globe. Stories range from the moving to the amusing, the romantic to the tussle of family life.

Add a little sparkle to your Christmas with A Wish for Christmas

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The Holiday Tree – Pauline Lachman

1800 words Women’s Fiction

It had been three months since the Paul family,husband, mother and son Jason had arrived in a little village in China. She was a teacher of English and Mr. Paul  was a post-graduate student. November had arrived and still the villagers did not accept them. Christmas was approaching and  missing her home in Canada Mrs. Paul made a little tree from  scraps  of materials she found. The twinkling lights she strung around the Holiday Tree as she named it ,caught the eye of little Feng-Feng. He wanted a Shu  just like that for his home.

His mother came to the school to see what had  caused  her only child to be so excited. Life for the Paul family changed dramatically.

This story is included in the collection A Wish for Christmas

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“Teacher, can I take this shu to my house?” Feng-Feng asked Mrs.Paul the morning after she’d set up an imitation tree in her classroom. His legs splayed, eyes glued to the flickering bulbs, his right fist opening and closing in unison with the lights, the five year old boy seemed entranced. Mrs. Paul smiled. “If your mother can come to the school tomorrow, I’ll show her how to make one. We’ll keep this for the class. Okay.”

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