2000 words Women's Fiction

Sylvie's life is like a movie - a bad one. Can she overcome her shyness and feelings of inadequacy just long enough to rewrite the script so there's a happy ever after by the time the credits roll?

My life resembles a badly clichéd movie. I’m so great at my temporary job I’m begged to stay permanently. I advance to management, get a company car and huge salary. I’m so pretty the office heart-throb is always pursuing me. I turn him down as I’m engaged to a rock star. Then I wake and it was all a dream. The reality is less good. I’m standing in for a lady who’s on maternity leave. She brought her baby in yesterday, saying she couldn’t wait to return. I don’t have friends here, they’re pleasant enough, but that’s just good manners. I didn’t want to come on this silly team building day.

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