Rainy Season – Nyki Blatchley

6000 words Fantasy

Being forced to wait around on a tropical island isn’t paradise when it’s the rainy season and you’ve no shelter, but Kari and Fai, wandering teenaged sorcerers, have something to trade with the villagers — they can stop the rain. Probably. Maybe. Anyway, what’s the worst that can happen?

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“I’m sick of this weather.” Failiu scrunched her face into as ugly a scowl as possible, gazing out into the torrential rain pounding the forest around their makeshift shelter. “We had proper weather in Errish.” “Well, it didn’t really matter in Errish,” pointed out Karaghr. “Considering you can get from one side of the city to the other without going outside, I’m surprised you even noticed, Fai.” Failiu sighed. It was true that, until they’d left the great city of Errish more than a month before, the weather had never meant much to her. She desperately missed the impersonal, enclosed welcome of the city that she’d known for all her sixteen years, the high towers sheltering the streets, the narrow passages of the undercity that didn’t change with the season.

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