3000 words Romance

A lifetime ago Suzanne fell in love with a Fijian man while on holiday at Castaway Island. She accepts his proposal of marriage but on her return to America – to tidy up her affairs – reality hits with a vengeance and she doesn’t return to the man she loves. Years later she finds herself in a position to return to Castaway and while exploring old haunts discovers more than she’d bargained for.

‘The Island is approximately five Ks from end to end. It’s sandy here but is rocky most of the way. Are you sure you’re up to it.’ Suzanne’s companion looked at her with eyebrows raised. ‘Sami, I might be twenty years your senior but I’m not an invalid.’ She got the impression he disliked her. ‘Lead on.’ Sami’s reply was lost as he turned into the wind. His hair whipped back from his handsome Fijian face and Suzanne’s stomach lurched. He looked like someone she once knew. Damn, she hadn’t wanted a guide, but if she had to have one why did he have to look like Michael. She’d told the resort management she’d walked Castaway Island many times in the past. But they deemed it foolish a woman venturing to the furthest side of the island alone and so Samisoni was summoned.

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