A Stitch in Time – Neil MacDonald

1400 words Science Fiction

You can’t go back in time, because you might accidentally change things like killing your own grandfather, and so, the “grandfather paradox” forbids it. Or does it?


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It was on June 29 that Mark began to flicker. It wasn’t so much that you could see the flicker as that it resonated in your head, like an ultra-sound vibration. It was below the level of consciousness. People just found something disturbing about being around him, without being able to put their fingers on it. Mark flickered. He felt it as something like a tidal pull, a sense of being in motion while standing completely still. He didn’t really think much about it, or the constant feeling of a lurking headache. He’d always felt this way. As far as he knew everyone else felt like this from the inside too. It was just part of life, like a heartbeat, or the pump and suck of his lungs. He’d always flickered.

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