The Accident – Nancy Christie

2100 words Literary Fiction

Not enough time—a common enough complaint among parents. Time to finish a chore, to enjoy a good book, just to be. As much as she loved her daughter, that’s all Margaret wanted that day and why she let Megan go to Billy’s house. Now, she has the time—and desperately wants to give it back.

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When the telephone rang for the fourth time in a row, Margaret frowned in impatience. She had so looked forward to an afternoon of quiet while Megan played at Billy’s house, but the interruptions usually caused by one small five-year-old had been replaced by those of the telephone. The insistent ringing continued as she slid one of the filled cookie sheets from the oven, heat flushing her pale face. It didn’t stop until Margaret lifted the receiver and wedged it against her cheek, all the while struggling to remove the chocolate chip cookies—Megan’s favorite—from the pan.

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