5600 words Romance

How long should it take for a broken heart to mend?  How soon is too soon to allow yourself to have fun again?  And what if, along the way, you wonder if you were ever truly in love?  This is the dilemma that Casie must face when she meets Aaron. Is she Ready for this?

CHAPTER 1 Ultimately, it boils down to this.  My life is a mess.  No longer engaged to ‘the man of my dreams’, I now find myself sitting in my pjs watching some lame movie while eating a tub of ice-cream.  On a Saturday night!  I have no idea how I got here.  Things were seemingly perfect until last Monday, when Josh and I had our usual dinner at the club.   He was nervous, the reason is obvious now, and he didn’t even wait until we’d ordered to blurt out that he couldn’t go through with the wedding.  ‘It’s not you,’ he’d said.  He ‘just needed to figure out some stuff’. 

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