1600 words Romance

It's never too late to change the direction of your life. David wasn't happy with his job, his love life, or his living situation and that’s exactly what he decided to do. The results were certainly life changing.

Everything in my life had become a merry-go-round of nothingness.  No girlfriend, no car, no home.  Living with my mum once again at the age of twenty-nine was not how I pictured my life.  The only thing that saved me from total depression was my degree in Architecture.  It was the one thing that allowed me to keep following my dreams despite all the setbacks that have plagued me for the last three years, leading me to this point.   I hated my job.  Yes, I was working in my chosen field, but I was under-utilised and had no control over any project that I worked on.  I was merely a pencil-pusher, drawing the visions of somebody else’s design. 

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