2350 words Women's Fiction

Olga makes wedding dresses and now her boss has asked her to make the most beautiful one ever for his bride. Although he hasn’t actually asked her to be his bride, she knows that she is making the gown for herself. How will she react when she learns the truth?

Holding the newly-finished wedding gown against her, Olga stared at her reflection in the workroom mirror. This time she didn’t see the reflection of a 51 year-old unmarried woman far from the bright-eyed career girl flaunting her singleness as a badge of liberation. Instead she saw a young and beautiful bride. “You’re so white, so exquisite,” she murmured smoothing the front of it with her hand. “And you,” she added looking into her eyes, “what’s happened to the homely you. Even she would have to admit you look stunning.” With the gown pressed against her, she waltzed to the music spinning in her head in the empty workroom. “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love,” she sang softly.

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