Free Literature – Matt McGee

6000 word Mystery

We all know there’s a recession on, and finding a book in the middle of the road might seem like a gift from the heavens. But what happens when the police show up at your door, and it turns out that book has a history you’d rather not be a part of?

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It was January 3rd, I’m absolutely sure of that. I know because my insincere New Year’s resolution had been to exercise more, or differently anyway. You can only run the trails in the hills around the city so many times before you start naming rocks and bushes for the times you’ve fallen into them or used them as marking posts to find your way back to your car. Now the trails were muddy with the rainy season, and on January 2nd I signed up with Yoga Works. Early the next morning I was flying down Lindero Canyon Road in my 350zx toward the studio.

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