The Day Death Wore Boots – A Collection of Ghost Stories

cover smallThe Day Death Wore Boots – ghost stories to leave you looking… and wondering…

Find out if the miniature Western town is really a toy in the title story. Was Jed Holloway’s death really down to faulty brakes – The Haunted Rig? You want to go home from your holiday in the Costa Del Sol but is it safe – Spanish Midnight? Does it matter that you don’t believe in ghosts when the ghost believes in you – Shard?

From Pompeii to the Wild West, from Australia to the shores of the United Kingdom the spirit world may be closer than you think!

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The Ghost Dog of Pompeii – Marie Gentle

2700 word Ghost Story

Follow a tourist forced to sit out a tour of the city ruins of Pompeii.  That is, until she meets the “ghost dog” who shares his life story of unconditional love for his owner prior to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The devotion of pets toward their owners will become quite clear once you read the chilling accounts in THE GHOST DOG OF POMPEII.

Included in the Collection ‘The Day Death wore Boots’

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Preface Anyone having the privilege of walking the city ruins in Pompeii surely can feel the presence of its past people and envision their daily lives. Although many roofs are gone; the ornately muraled walls and intricate mosaic floors of some homes still stand strong; almost in tribute. It was a hot summer day when my travel mates and I joined the 10:00 walking tour of the city. Upon returning to our hotel we opted for a leisurely nap and shower prior to meeting for early cocktails. Later in the lounge, table chatter quickly escalated with everyone’s favorite memory of the tour.

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