Eddie and the Gourd – Lorna Rozak

2000 words Children’s story

Eddie wants to live in a tree house. Fighting cruel taunts and his own doubts, this extraordinary mouse finally stumbles across Gourd — the perfect fit – he hopes. Old and new friends must work together. A spooky challenge awaits. Will Eddie get his big view or settle for an ordinary dirt house?

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Eddie’s fuchsia-colored nose and ivory whiskers twitched as he sniffed the air for ripe gourds. His apple blossom ears drooped in disappointment. “Could it already be too late?” he wondered. Eddie was usually an optimistic, little, country mouse with big dreams and a happy heart, but today doubt was creeping into his thoughts. His frizzy, chestnut coat and corkscrew tail weren’t the only things that made Eddie stand out. His extraordinary dream of living in a tree house overlooking Emerald Lake drew many a mouse’s taunt. “Birds live in trees, not silly mice,” they’d snicker. But Eddie believed in the impossible, buoyed by his momma’s last words. “Sweetie, you wouldn’t have a dream if you weren’t meant to live it.”

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