Community Service – Liz Young

1900 words Feel Good Fiction

It is a lovely spring afternoon – just the weather for tea and cakes in the countryside. The Major and six other residents of The Elms Retirement Home are enjoying a little excursion, accompanied by Jason, a young offender reluctantly doing community service, when disaster strikes . . .

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“Come on, dears – in you get!” Matron jollied her charges along in her usual brisk fashion, “You know how much you enjoy a nice day out.” “Bossy cow,” Major Hopkins muttered, drove his wheelchair with unnecessary speed onto the ramp and pressed the lift button, but then had to sit fuming impotently while he waited for George to come round and anchor his chair to the floor. That done, the Major adjusted his regimental tie, polished his glasses on an immaculate handkerchief, and waited for the others as patiently as he could – his motorised wheelchair took up so much space that he always had to be first on and last off.

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