5300 words Science Fiction

The obvious conclusion that this was a sentient, carbon-based life went without saying.  That he came from a people with a technology more advanced than ours - he got here, didn’t he?  But the questions of what kind of sentient - of why he’d gotten here and what he wanted and how he planned to go about getting it - those questions were debated endlessly.  Linda would just have to wait for Adam to wake up and provide the answers.

Linda was called in a few months before the arrival. Something spotted in the sky - something moving towards us - something no one could account for. The protocols were in place, and they were ready. Biologists, astrophysicists, chemists, engineers, soldiers, clergy - a world-wide, multidisciplinary team - a group of people who had all firmly believed that this day would never come. It was the kind of thing, some poor junior senator from Nebraska is put on a contingency committee - what to do in case of alien contact. Seriously. He gets a trip to some international conference in the Hague - something the whole world can agree on ‘cause it’s never gonna happen. But the protocols had been in place, and now when they were needed, they functioned beautifully. From around the world, the experts came.

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