Why Doesn’t It Happen? – Leanne Cooper

2200 words Women’s Fiction

A story about love, longing, and wanting something so badly that you cannot get it out of your head. Follow our protagonist on a trip down memory lane, from teenage years to the present day, as she tells of her seemingly unrequited love for her first crush and the ups and downs of her intense love for him.

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Is destiny something that is out of our control or is destiny something that we can create for ourselves? What if we think that we are destined to do something – or be with someone – when, in reality we have created the situation in our own minds purely because we want it to be true so badly that it breaks our hearts and makes our chests feel like they are caving in just at the thought that perhaps it was not meant to be after all? Lately, I have found myself in such a predicament. My head has been so full of jumbled thoughts that I cannot concentrate any more.

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