Billy and the Sketch Pad – Jon Beight

6600 words Children 7 – 11 years / Fantasy

Billy likes to draw as a means of escape. That is the one place he can go where he can control what others do. One day he happens upon a sketch book that gives him more than he bargained for.

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Twelve year old Billy wanted just two things. First, he wanted to be in charge. He was sick of everyone telling him what to do, including his bratty little sister, Sarah. Second, even more than being in charge, he wanted to draw. It was the thing that gave him the most happiness and provided his escape when life got difficult. He wasn’t much of an artist, and drew stick people mostly, but that was just fine with him. His sketch books were filled with stories about adventures in far away places with strange names and stranger happenings, but he kept the same few characters wherever his stories would be.

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