Kiki and the Chocolate Monster – Joel Goodison

kiki and the chocolate monster_COLOR_FL (3)1750 words Children 7 – 10 years

Kiki adores chocolate. When she’s forbidden to eat it, an extraordinary monster comes to her rescue, but she soon realises that too much of anything is not always good.

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Do you like chocolate? Kiki was just like any other child who liked chocolate, except that she didn’t just like it; she absolutely loved it! In fact, it was all she ever thought about, and it’s virtually all she ate. With every meal she would eat chocolate: chocolate cereal with chocolate milk in the morning, chocolate spread sandwiches at lunchtime, and even chocolate gravy over her dinner at night. This drove Mum and Dad potty, so one day they decided there would be no chocolate. When Kiki sat down for dinner that night, she was miserable. “There’s no chocolate with this!” she exclaimed.

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