Rachel’s Dippy Doolally Year – Jill Maughan

2100 words Children 9 – 12 years

Rachel is completely out of control!  As a last resort she is sent to Mr. and Mrs. Jolly’s special farm, but even the Jolly’s soon admit defeat and Rachel is to be sent home.  Then, on her last night, Rachel is woken by a cat – a talking cat …


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Once Rachel had been a sweet child. Everyone said it. Almost as sweet as a gooey, marzipan cake. She’d even talked sweetly, in little bouncy lollopy sentences which often had polite, plump question marks on the end of them. “How are you today?” And “Isn’t this weather awful?” Yet by her tenth year, Rachel had turned quite revolting. More and more often she could be heard to spit out the most hostile, gobbledygook, codswallop. Here’s an example: Teacher: “Rachel, have you done the work I set you?” Rachel: “Yabooosucks YAKKA YAKKA!!!!!!” Poor Rachel’s family! This was no longer a pleasant kid to be related to.

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