Came as ‘Me’, Left as ‘We’ – 21 stories to escape with

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‘This Land is My Land’ and ‘Came as ‘me’, Left as ‘we’’ are ‘his and hers’ holiday reads from Alfie Dog Fiction. The collections bring together some of the best short stories from 37 authors across the globe.

‘Came as ‘me’, Left as ‘we’’ contains a mixture of women’s fiction, feel good stories and romance, while ‘This Land is My Land’  is more action and adventure driven and both contain stories to leave the reader thinking. Alfie Dog Fiction’s managing director, Rosemary Kind, says “We know from our readers that they like to stock up on reading matter for their holidays and these collections offer the perfect way to do just that.”

Both collections have a truly international feel, not only through the spread of the writers but the fascinating backdrops to the stories. Within the pages the reader will travel from diamond mining in Australia to a lone tree in an African desert, from the quintessential English seaside Pier to the jungles of Malaysia and coast to coast across America.

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Stories Included: Came as ‘Me’ and Left as ‘We’ – Caroline Scott Collins, Swept Away – Patsy Collins, Signwriting – Angela K Blackburn, Moving On – Jan Baynham, The Button Box – Tina K Burton, The End-of-the-pier Show – Derek Haycock, Marie’s Necklace – Annette Siketa, Nice – Judith Bruton, Coffee with Luna – Jeff Williams, Taking Time – Lilliana Rose, Losing the Past – Tricia Maw, Sam Something – Kate Blackadder, Celebrity Kennels – Gill McKinlay, Something to Move You – Alice Parrant, Pier into the Future – Susan Jones, The Decision – Patricia Fawcett, A Past Life – Susan Wright, Diamond Trail – Suzie Hindmarsh-Knights, Those Pesky Kids – Maggie Jones, The Embers of the Day – Rosemary J Kind, Amanda – Chris Cooke

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Coffee with Luna – Jeff Williams

1500 words General / Teen

Can young love be stymied by social media, by the likes of Facebook and twitter? Romance hangs in the balance when a nerdy student investigates his potential girlfriend online.

This story is available in the collection Came as ‘Me’ Left as ‘We’

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I arrive in Huffington’s class seconds before the great man himself sails into the room. The cables from his laptop dangle like the tentacles of some maladroit sea creature as he mounts the stage. Should I lend a hand? Three classes of my helping him to download have laid bare his inability with PowerPoint. Also his pathetic choice of passwords. Access to his electronic grade sheet will net me a certain A. But I hesitate. Assisting ‘The Huff’ yet again will brand me as a sycophant. Particularly in Luna’s eyes. And hers are the only eyes that matter.

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