Lonesome – Jeanette Perosa

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Charles thinks he has the whole world figured out, or at least that’s what his friend Hank thinks. Charles nemesis is his brother Joshua and his new found dog, Lonesome. Lonesome teaches all three boys that things aren’t always what they seem and what really matters in life—caring for each other.

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Charles and I walked down to the lake, kicking gravel, stirring dust, and dangling fishing poles over our shoulders. The August sun poured down on us making me squint my eyes against the brightness. I stumbled somewhat, falling slightly behind Charles. The year and a half he had on me showed in the length of his steps and the coolness of his attitude. I quickened my pace to catch up with him as I heard rustling in the tall waving wheat that bordered the dirt road. Charles had stopped and was gazing out over the field. “Did you hear that?” he said as he stood there scanning the field, sun shining down on his black hair making it look like an oil slick.

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