3600 words women's fiction

Tracey lives in the shadow of her outgoing sister who can do no wrong in their mother’s eyes. When Sharon buys a beautiful gold leather designer handbag on pay day, Tracey becomes obsessed with owning one for herself. But how can she? She’s just a school girl.

“I’m home. Is dinner ready?” My sister, Sharon, burst through the front door making one of her grand entrances. As usual, Mum stopped what she was doing – preparing the evening meal with me in the kitchen - and rushed to see to ‘the favoured one’. “Nearly. Come and sit down, love. You must be shattered after working all day. Trace, make your sister a nice cup of tea, will you?” I gritted my teeth and dutifully did what she asked. “My feet are killing me,” said Sharon. Well, if you will wear six inch Louboutins to the office, what do you expect? I thought. I placed two mugs of tea on the coffee table and turned to go back to the kitchen. “Thanks, Sis. Come and join us.”

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