Post Safe – Ingrid Heyn

1200 words Crime / Christian Story

Sixteen-year-old Simon has had a troubled life, but since living with his Uncle Martin and Aunt Sarah in a village far from his chaotic and destructive childhood, everything changed for the better. On break from school, he has been working at the village post shop in a trusted position. Then abruptly, Simon is accused of a crime which all the evidence seems to indicate he must have committed, and he is thrown back into the whirlpool of shame and despair which overlay his childhood. If he is to find any comfort or hope of justice, it seems there is only one place to which he can turn…

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Hot salt-burning was in his eyes; there was an acrid ball that killed words in his throat as he staggered into a stumbling run. They’d looked at him, eyes knowing and hard. “I didn’t take the money,” he’d said. He had known his voice was sullen and flat. Not a convincing denial; he’d looked guilty as hell. “Oh, Simon,” was all that Mrs Timms had said. Her down-drawn mouth with the odd disillusioned quirk on the left side was more eloquent than those two words could convey.

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