1000 word Commercial Fiction / Humour

Stu swears by hanging onto anything and everything that might come in handy. Carol loves him, so she tries to stay calm and clean around the piles of junk. They're going round in circles. How long can this go on? And what will it take for things to change?

Carol clutched at her fringe in frustration. "But we don't need another video recorder. We've got two we never use already." "This one's a Betamax, for spares." Stu carried it past her into the guest bedroom. "We haven't even got a Betamax. We use a DVD." "It was free," said Stu. "John gave it to me." And he put it on the floor in front of the window, on top of another two broken VHS machines, between the broken computer monitors and the TV he was supposed to be mending for a friend.

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