Daveys Summer5150 words General Fiction

An untamed boy from an dysfunctional suburban family is granted a season of deliverance among his mountain kin. There Davey wanders the hills and creeks, making acquaintance of the animals of the place, and an old hermit, Ethan, who points the boy on the way to himself. This little tale eventually sprouted into an as yet unpublished novel.

At each place where the rain-swollen creek washed over the road, David tensed as tires slipped on loose gravel, then steadied as the wheels regained traction and the car began to climb the next rise. His father, Harry, grimaced and tightened his grip on the wheel as the car plunged into yet another ford. “Son, you are not going to enjoy this. Ronan and Mary live rough.” David thought Harry sounded hopeful. “Boy, did you hear me?” “Yes, Sir.” “Well, answer me when I talk to you.” “Yes, Sir.”

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