Occupational Therapy – Helen Laycock

1600 word Fairytale / Humour

Being a fairy doesn’t come without its problems, especially if you’re living a lie. When Lily Blue confesses to her Fairy Godmother, Marigold, that she thinks she may be a goblin trapped in a fairy’s body, Marigold does her best to help her live happily ever after.

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‘I wish you wouldn’t sit like that, Lily Blue. It’s really not the impression we want to give here at Wands and Wings Work4U.’ Lily Blue huffed, drew her knees together and crossed them at the ankles. ‘Happy?’ Marigold and her fairylike ways… Not everyone could appear that perfect, Lily Blue thought, shuffling on the toadstool and tearing her dandelion dress as she twisted. Marigold tutted loudly. ‘For Titania’s sake, Lily Blue. How many times have I reminded you how delicate fairy dresses are? That’s the third one you’ve ruined this week. I’ll let you borrow one of mine, but be careful!’ Lily Blue sat back in her chair with her feet as far apart as she could. Her feet were enormous, like big pebbles. And she had hairy legs.

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