Alice’s Boy – Gill James

3700 words Women’s Fiction 

Alice can’t keep her lovely garden up to the standard her late husband achieved. Neither can anybody else expect perhaps the former young offender with a stammer and learning difficulties. Can she and should she trust him and her own instincts? Or is her daughter right?

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“Goo – goo – goo morn morning.” He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a worn card. “I’m, I’m…” Alice recognised the lad standing in the porch. He’d been visiting for the past three years, calling every three or four months and selling dusters, brushes and other cleaning materials. She’d had to stop working on the garden a few minutes earlier. Her knees were aching and her hands kept cramping up. The kettle had just boiled when she’d heard the doorbell ring. “I know. You’re a young offender and you’re selling these products to help you become more independent. What have you got for me today?”

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