3600 words General Fiction

This concerns Cope, a former British Army officer who is persuaded to return to Libya, having been posted there in the 1960s.

He is responding to an appeal from a former colleague who seems to be in trouble but who is actually involved in a nefarious scheme to retrieve uncut diamonds.

This story is included in the collection This Land is My Land

The old Bodega Bar had been turned into a coffee shop and the Italian road sign outside had long since been replaced by a suitable Arab name. I looked round at the empty tables. It was ten to six and if Stokes was coming at all, he would be here soon. Benghazi had changed all right but then so had I in twenty-four years. I glanced back at my reflection in the mirror behind the counter; thinning hair over a thin face. As Second Lieutenant Cope I had been tall and slender; now I was stooped and slender and I pulled back my shoulders and ran a finger round my collar.

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