3200 words General Fiction

An academic, an expert on suffragettes, travels to Manchester for a meeting. On the spur of the moment, he calls a prostitute but immediately regrets it. Thinking it would be unfair to cancel, he decides to pay her when she arrives but tell her that her services were not required. However, the situation does not develop according to plan.

His first prostitute was in Manchester, a couple of months before his wife and her best friend opened their gallery. He travelled by train to attend a late afternoon meeting at the university. During the journey, looking for an escape from the boredom of marking exam scripts, he picked up a copy of a provincial tabloid lying on the seat opposite. The paper was full of the usual parochial news and syndicated material. He didn’t expect to have any free time, but out of curiosity, he searched for the ‘What’s on’ section. Next to the entertainment, there was a whole set of ads under ‘Adult Services’. He amused himself by decoding the language. ‘Curvy’ presumably meant fat, but what was BBW? There was even one from a ‘mature lady’, offering sensual massage.

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