2000 words General Fiction

A young girl starts down a path trying to make her way in the world but becomes plagued by questions on the premise of the path that has been drawn out for her by society. Suddenly she is enveloped in a conflict and can no longer shield her eyes or turn away from the truth.

The room is silent but for the crickets chirping out the window. The room is immersed in darkness but for a small light stand in the corner. A tired little girl lies tucked under a thick princess covered duvet on a tiny single bed in the corner of the clean yet dilapidated small room. Her eyes heavy from hours of play. Pores opened. Skin supple and smelling of fresh lemons and coconut from a refreshing bath. A few water drops trickling down her nape across her neck down to her pillow. Her mother lies by her side on the bed covers. Her robe still tinged with the smoky stench of fish she had just prepared for dinner.

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