1400 words General Fiction

Mary keeps house for her brother Simon, a bachelor and busy rural GP.

This had initially worked well but with time passing Simon has become autocratic and selfish.  Arrangements for his monthly gathering of chess playing friends provides the catalyst for a confrontation between brother and sister – a flash-point made poignant by the presence of Simon’s new acquaintance,  a chess playing consultant surgeon...

Mary put down the breakfast tray and handed a clutch of letters to her brother before pouring his coffee. He looked up as she turned away. ‘What’s that other one, a bill?’ ‘No, Simon. It’s a ticket for the concert next week at the Corn Hall. I promised I’d go with old Mrs Plumer.’ He held out his hand and she obediently passed him the envelope. His glasses were on the end of his nose and he frowned as though he were dealing with a particularly tiresome patient. He leaned back in his chair and pushed the ticket to one side.

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