4700 word General Fiction / Humour

Peter Hosker uses a solitary hike through East Anglia to leave behind his troubled personal life.  He breaks his journey at a small hamlet and pitches his tent in an orchard.  Later an unlooked for incident in a village pub has repercussions that compel him to revise his plans.

Avoiding the village of Croton, Peter Hosker crossed the main road and struck out on a rough compass bearing for Monks Brayleigh, some seven miles distant. A deep, grassy lane ran in more or less the right direction and he soon found the rhythm of walking that best suited the weight of his pack and the emotional ache in his chest. For two days he had trudged deeper into the heart of rural Suffolk, having previously taken a train to Manningtree and then walked across the bridges that spanned the River Stour which marked the county boundary.

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